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Find out all about the benefits of high quality website design and your Search Engine Optimisation.
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How to increase your businesses online presence?

22 Sep How to increase your businesses online presence?

A question asked all the time…

I have been asked time and time again “How can I get better google results?” – well the simple answer is you need to implement various Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques. We offer a wide range of SEO services, and we guarantee our results.

One of the most important things in getting good results is ensuring you have a good website! It is almost impossible to get good results if your website is not presentable! Ask yourself this – is my website good enough? Not sure? I classify the following as a presentable website…

A presentable website needs to have:

  • Simple navigation.
  • Easy to read content (unless your website is aimed towards a specific field, it is important to keep your content easy and simple!)
  • Good images that are High Definition – professional photography is definitely worth it for your business website.
  • Contact details easily accessible.

Yes, there are some exceptions to the above guide however for most small business websites the above would apply to you.

Now to the big question… how do I get better google results?

The answer to this is simple – CONTENT. CONTENT. CONTENT.

Having good website content is vital for good search results, if you make sure you have appropriate content with keywords you will get good results.

Links on your site to others and links to your site are both very important, google works using linkage from different sites on the internet, therefore if your site is linked to other sites and visa versa you have a verified site.

Speaking of verification when you develop your site, you need to submit your sitemap to google – you also want to make sure you submit your site to google’s webmaster tools. I can’t speak highly enough of webmaster tools; they are the essence of my SEO work.

As a professional SEO agency, we use a wide range of free and paid SEO tools; including website analysis.

Another important aspect on your site is having good meta data, so many site’s are missing out on good quality meta data… make sure you have good keywords and especially a fantastic meta description.

Now you are probably wondering what is meta data?

Meta data is the information in which search engines, like Google, read about your website when they are indexing it. Meta data consists of two things, one being keywords and the other being a description.

The meta keywords, are the keywords in which you are putting on your site for search engines to reference you to. For example a florist in cairns would be using keywords such as flower, roses, valentines, cairns.

The meta description is the 2 lines of text you see when you search something on Google. This is a great selling point as it gives you somewhere to quickly lure people onto your site.

Now, there is many many more aspects towards Search Engine Optimisation, however I don’t want to bore you with all the geeky technical things… If you’re looking for quality SEO then please contact us.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.