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Sam provides quality computer repairs & sales in Tropical Far North Queensland, based in Cairns our quality technicians can assist you with any and all of your IT needs whether it be business or personal.
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New online computer store, donating 30% of their profits to Epilepsy Action Australia. is proud to announce our launch this week, after months of development. Our website is full of thousands of computer parts & accessories – all at great prices.


What makes our prices so good?


“We drop-ship all of our products directly from the supplier to the end user, therefore saving us time and transport costs which means savings in your pockets”


Why are we donating such a high percentage to Epilepsy Action?


“We have a close connection to Epilepsy, especially a rare connection with Epilepsy & Mental Health. Therefore we are working together with Epilepsy Action Australia to promote this connection”


“Epilepsy is something that affects thousands of people every day worldwide, therefore we feel we need to do something to help raise awareness and knowledge of Epilepsy”


“We feel it is vital for everyone to be educated on Epilepsy – we would love it if all school children were taught about Epilepsy from a young age, so that they are not scared when someone has a seizure”


What range of products do we have available?


“At we have a wide range of Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Printers, Accessories & Computer Parts available; all at great prices”


“Remember, when you buy from Computers Direct you are supporting Epilepsy!


Who are we? is a new online company ran by Sam Dyer, a young 19 year old entrepreneur and his wife Claire.


Sam likes to raise awareness in all forms of charities, from assisting in local shows and events when at high school, to running a web design business since the age of 12 where he built high quality products at fantastic prices to help businesses promote their services/products.


“I really love helping people, and I have especially put a lot of time and effort into to ensure it is working properly as I really want to make a difference for those with Epilepsy


A final note…


We have built a wide range of functions into our website, but if there is anything you’d think would help expand our awareness of Epilepsy then please contact us via email: or 0459 311 997


When completing the checkout process on our website, you can send us an additional donation for Epilepsy Action Australia.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.